How to place new order

Wednesday, 01 January 2020

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To place new order, follow these steps

1. Select Order from the left side of your Dashboard __


2. Depending on selected product, you might need to provide additional information to complete order request.

3.If you have selected Hosting services,Select the domain option


4.Enter the domain Name in the provided box in the left side,and select your domain extension in the provided text box from your right side order to continue

NB: If there are enough funds into your account,payment will be automatically deducted.* To top up or check balance see our How to Top Up article


Select Checkout to complete Order


6.If you have a coupon code, you can apply

7.Select Payment method checkout to continue

  • You will be redirected to payment gateway page

  • Depending on selected services your order will be reviewed and activated by our staff members.

  • After you receive confirmation email about order activation you are able to manage your services.

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